Vango portable USB heat Washable Heat Mat

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Keep warm while on the go! This Heat mat is designed to be powered by a std 5v USB socket, it is ideal to plug into a power bank or suitable USB outlet. The actual mat is soft so ideal to place between clothing layers, sit on or even take the chill off inside a sleeping bag. Its perfect for keeping yourself warm when at home or out and about.
The Vango Radiate product line utilise a graphene heat element that has 4 different heat settings. They are adjusted by a large touch button controller that displays different colours, giving a clear indication of what setting you have chosen. Temperature setting vary between 36.6 and 45 degrees.
The mat contains a built-in pocket to hold your power bank and wires neatly out of the way when in use.
Overall the mat measures 41 cm X 58 cm, although the heating elements are concentrated in the central portion of the heat mat the mat is designed to allow the heat to radiate outwards. The heat is almost instantaneous, incredible really when it runs from such a small power source!
If you utilise the Vango power bank ( LINK) alongside this product you can expect to get up to hours usage from a single charge, depending on what setting you choose.
Vango make the product with there softshell fabric. This is machine washable although only using a program that doesn’t exceed 30 degrees.
A useful popular product for use at home, on the riverbank or at the campsite

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