CBE 180 KIT 12 Volt Campervan / Caravan Battery Charger & Power Distribution Kit

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The CBE PC180 is a LED is an all in 1 electrical kit for campervans & motorhomes

It has everything you need all in the one unit to control and monitor your electrical systems. With the addition of level sender, it can even monitor water and waste levels.

These kits are made in Italy and are standard fitment in many camper conversions with the elegant looking LCD touch panels.

A great entry level all in one unit that gives you allot of the same features as the PC210 for less money

The PC 180 has similar functionality of standard LED panels Campervan Power Management but brings some new features such as A twilight sensor that automatically controls the LEDs’ brightness according to the ambient light level helps keep lighting levels low in the evening

CBE make the installation process relatively simply as all your wires connect to the multi plugs making the rest plug and play installation. They provide full instructions with the kit.

It should be noted though this kit is designed for use with Lead acid Batteries and pre smart alternator charger systems. To use alongside a smart alternator (euro5 onwards) you will need to fit a separate battery to battery charger, following the CBE instructions to disable the split charge facility.

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